Colour-burst porcelain jars

A few months back, I started experimenting with ice-white porcelain stoneware. I found this clay super frustrating to work with at first. Compared to regular “porcelain” and white clays, this bad boy is almost completely unforgiving. If you push him too far, he won’t do what you want again no matter how much you cry. But I was determined to break him!

I started with a few bowls, and plenty of failures. Most collapsed on the wheel. Those that made it were too thick for my liking, or too thin for my clumsy hands to handle, and ended up breaking in the leather-hard stage.

Enter these cute pots. Success at last!

Ice-white pots after bisque-fire. The lids are pinky because they’ve just been sanded under running water.

The ice-white stoneware is delicious because it offers the most pure white finish I’d seen before in “amateur” pottery. Knowing how white it would go, I felt compelled to sand these boys – make them shiny, make the ladies love them. And we sure did.

Pretty pots, with evidence of their creation on my sandals!

Finished with a clear gloss, and a surprise burst of colour inside. I am in love.

“Pop!” said the colour.

The yellow pot was a present to my dear cousin on her 18th, but I haven’t been able to let go of the others yet. Sure, you can buy one if you like! But you’ll also be buying a piece of my heart.  (*optional cringe*)